We have teamed up with Plastic Ocean Project on the Ocean Friendly Establishment program in the Crystal Coast region!


In an effort to reduce plastic pollution, owners and managers of certified Ocean Friendly Establishments have agreed to only serve straws upon request. Many take additional steps to reduce waste in other areas. These include avoiding Styrofoam and single-use utensils, offering vegetarian/vegan options, participating in organized cleanups, composting, and more! These added criteria can earn a business up to five stars based on how many extra steps they are taking. “Non-restaurant” establishments like stores, breweries, hotels, artisans, etc. can also be Ocean Friendly based on applicable efforts to reduce waste. 

We wish to promote the businesses who are already doing the right thing and encourage others to follow suit. Non-plastic alternatives to usual products are significantly dropping in price. When more businesses commit to reducing plastic it will increase demand for other options, ultimately making alternatives more and more affordable!

If you are out and about on the Crystal Coast, consider giving an OFE a visit to support their efforts. Find the list HERE.

If your restaurant or business is interested in becoming a certified Ocean Friendly Establishment contact Rebecca at crystalcoastofe@gmail.com or (919) 961-3299

Download applications:

Restaurant Application

Non Restaurant Application

You can join the plastic-free movement! Customers can leave these cards behind at their favorite restaurants to encourage more businesses to become Ocean Friendly.

Contact us to pick some up.