Coastal Carolina Riverwatch provides service to the White Oak River Basin, which includes a variety of wetland types. As you can see from the map below, the Carolinas have a lot of wetlands, but our coastal plain regions are teeming with them.

map: Carolina Wetlands Association















The White Oak River Basin has quite a variety of wetland types and subtypes. The main wetlands you will find within our White Oak River Basin are:

  • Pocosin
  • Basin
  • Riverine forest
  • Pine wetlands
  • Freshwater marsh
  • Tidal Freshwater marsh
  • Salt/brackish marsh
  • Estuarine woody

The Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area, located in Pine Knoll Shores is considered an “Outstanding Resource Waters” which are a subset of “High Quality Waters” by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This supplemental classification is intended to protect unique and special waters having excellent water quality and being of exceptional state or national ecological or recreational significance.

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