Building stakeholder and public support for improved water quality in North Carolina.

In partnership with ECU, a research-based survey was distributed to coastal commercial and recreational fishing communities to identify their water quality concerns. View Survey Results.

An Industry Working Group made up of commercial and recreational fishermen has been developed. A series of facilitated meetings are scheduled to address each of the 5 priority water quality concerns.

Goals of the IWG:

  1. Collaborate and communicate with fisheries representatives to address concerns about how water quality impacts fisheries.
  2. Collectively learn (from the WQ4F Assessment Process) what is currently being done in NC  to address water quality issues impacting fisheries. 
  3. Collaboratively make recommendations on what more needs to be done to improve water quality for fisheries.
  4. Propose next steps to address gaps in addressing what is not currently being done to address water quality issues.

An assessment is being conducted on each of the 5 priority concerns. Current policies, programs, and research will be documented and gaps will be identified. Drafts and completed assessments will be made available as they are completed.

A public awareness campaign is being developed on each of the 5 priority concerns. A series of short films will be released along with a 30-minute film. Follow the campaign on CCRW Facebook and Instagram, or join our Mailing List. Updates will be available on website as they are completed. A performance review will be conducted to determine the success of outreach.

Recommendations for next steps will be made upon reviewing outcomes of the Industry Working Group and research-based assessment.

Funding for this project has been generously provided by the Marine Fisheries Commission Commercial Resource Funding Committee and the Funding Committee for the North Carolina Commercial Fishing Resource Fund.