Wetland Wednesdays

Every week,  Wetland Wednesday seeks to introduce you to wetland topics and/or wetlands in our watershed, even the hidden gems that you may not know about! North Carolina has many different types and sub-types of wetlands. In the White Oak River Basin alone, we have saltwater marsh wetlands, pocosin wetlands, basin wetlands (such as limestone sink ponds), riverine forested wetlands, and many more.

Wetlands provide many benefits to the environment as well as to our communities. They provide water purification and flood protection, erosion control, and habitat to unique biodiverse communities as well as acting as carbon sinks. These are just a few accolades on a wetland’s resume!

Freshwater basin/depression pond wetlands (vegetation)


Saltwater Marsh, Tideland Trail

Riverine Forest Swamp (fresh water)