Goals for 2023

The primary goals of Coastal Carolina Riverwatch are: 

  • Elevate the voices from the coastal community about targeted water quality concerns. 
  • Increase coastal ecology and water quality knowledge and educational opportunities for under-served coastal communities.
  • Advocate for sustainable farmers and fisheries that support water quality improvements, while monitoring potential pollution sources and reporting results of studies that implicate polluters to the proper agencies. 
  • Research, monitor, and assess pollution sources that impact water quality in the White Oak River Basin.
  • Collaborate with coastal communities to advocate for local, State, and federal policies that protect water quality in coastal NC.
  • Facilitate the collaborative development of long-term solutions that prevent water quality pollutants including:
    • Factory Farming and Industrial Agriculture Pollution
    • Stormwater Pollution 
    • Industrial Pollution 
    • Plastics Pollution
    • Wastewater Pollution

We accomplish these goals through strong advocacy, outreach and equitable education, regular investigative and emergency watershed monitoring, supporting environmental policy and statewide agency work for the water, assessing and researching water quality concerns from the voices of the coast, and by promoting citizen stewardship.