Dear Water Quality Supporters,

As we bid farewell to 2023, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to each one of you for your incredible support, dedication, and contributions to Coastal Carolina Riverwatch throughout this transformative year.

Your generosity, passion, and hands-on involvement have been instrumental in making 2023 a year of significant achievements and positive change.

Together, we’ve accomplished feats that will propel us into an exciting new year filled with impactful projects aligned with our mission to protect the quality of water and quality of life in coastal North Carolina.

Highlights of 2023, made possible by your support, include:

Rapid Response Programs: Your contributions have enabled us to swiftly document and address pollution events, ensuring the well-being of our coastal ecosystems. Programs like our Harmful Algae Bloom Response and Wetlands Protection Response, and Water Quality Aerial Investigation Response.

Advocacy for Clean Water: Through your dedication, we’ve successfully advocated for policies that safeguard our coastal habitat, water quality, and overall quality of life. Consider joining our Advocacy Working Group in 2024.

Educational Outreach: Your commitment to community engagement has allowed us to reach and educate thousands through film screenings, educational materials, and door-to-door outreach. Consider requesting a presentation or film screening in 2024.

Research Initiatives: With your support, we’ve been at the forefront of scientific research, conducting PFAS and plastics studies and implementing programs like Water Quality for Fisheries and Pure Farms, Pure Waters.

Your belief in our mission and your active involvement have set the stage for a sustainable and impactful future.

As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2023, please know that your contributions have made a lasting impact on the health and resilience of coastal North Carolina.

As we look ahead to the new year, we are excited about the opportunities and projects that lie ahead.

Your continued support will be instrumental in achieving our goals and creating positive change in our coastal communities.

Wishing each of you a joyous 2024 filled with warmth and appreciation.

Here’s to a bright and promising new year!


With heartfelt thanks,

Lisa Rider, Executive Director

Riley Lewis, Waterkeeper

and the CCRW Board of Directors



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