Community BBQ Event

Support Local and Sustainable Farmers at this Fun Event!

May be an image of text that says 'pure Farms, Pure Waters Community BBQ RIVERWATCH LOCAL SUSTAINABLE BBQ PLATES, LIVE MUSIC & GAMES SATURDAY 14TH MAY 34 DEGREES NORTH BAR, CEDAR POINT, NC . Local Farms Featured: N Pre-Order Here: G.Farms Garner Island Produce Come produce... positive vibes NORTH S VEGENAISE ItsBetter than Mayo'

Join Coastal Carolina Riverwatch to celebrate the Pure Farms Pure Waters Program by supporting local and sustainable farmers and water quality advocacy.

BBQ Plates are available for pre-order and first-come-first-serve during the event on May 14th. Orders are pickup only. We do not offer delivery.

Come for the food and stay for the music, lawn games, and learn from farmers on Saturday, May 14th at 34 North Bar in Cedar Point, NC.

This is a family-friendly community event.

Food is sourced locally by working with farmers that use sustainable practices. CCRW works with local farmers through advocacy and community engagement. Check out our #FarmFriday’s on social media. Our plates and wares are biodegradable/certified compostable. 34 North Bar in Cedar Point features several Ocean and Eco Friendly practices. Some of our local farmers will be available on-site to answer questions and talk about their work.

Your plate purchase goes directly to support local efforts that protect the quality of water and quality of life in coastal NC.

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