Ocean Friendly Establishments


Ocean Friendly Establishments is a community-led certification program that recognizes local businesses for their efforts to protect ocean health and encourages others to follow suit.

Certified OFEs have demonstrated at least one major way of reducing single-use plastics.  Restaurants must not serve straws except upon request. Non-restaurants must incorporate at least one significant plastic reduction initiative such as eliminating plastic bags, styrofoam, or plastic packaging material.

Many OFEs have committed to several more eco-conscience practices. These include composting, sourcing locally, providing vegetarian/vegan menu items, proper recycling, water conservation, participating in litter cleanups, and more!

Ocean Friendly Establishments is a partnership between Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, Plastic Ocean Project inc., NC Aquariums, local business owners, and non-profits. CCRW coordinates the Crystal Coast chapter.

Consider visiting an OFE to support their efforts.

Find the list HERE .

If your restaurant or business is interested in becoming a certified Ocean Friendly Establishment please contact:

White Oak Waterkeeper, Riley Lewis


Or apply online:

Restaurant Application

Non Restaurant Application

CCRW is happy to assist with resources for businesses to become more Ocean Friendly.

OFEs receive promotions on all CCRW outreach platforms. OFEs are preferred vendors for CCRW events and are offered several partnership opportunities throughout the year.

You can join the plastic-free movement! Customers can leave these cards behind at their favorite restaurants to encourage more businesses to become Ocean Friendly.

Contact us to pick some up.

Beaufort, NC OFEs are sponsored in part by Plastic Free by the Sea