Tree Give Away


Thanks for joining CCRW in protecting water quality this Earth Day!

Email your tree pictures to so we can showcase our awesome coastal community! 

Benefits of planting trees include:
  • Reducing greenhouse gasses
  • Providing wildlife habitat
  • Controlling flooding and erosion
  • Filtering pollutants from our water and air
  • Creating peaceful and beautiful spaces within our community
Please plant your seedlings as soon as possible for best results. You may even want to start them off in a pot first.
Find specific planting information and more below:

Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Redbud

River Birch

Thanks to We Plant it Forward for generously providing trees.

And thanks to local businesses, Fishtowne Brewhouse, Island Produce, and Olde Beaufort Farmers Market, for serving as pick-up locations and supporting water quality in our community.

Remember to thank a tree today and send your planting stories to

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