Coastal Carolina Riverwatch originated from an organization called Alliance for a Responsible Swine Industry (ARSI). ARSI was formed in the late 1980s to address environmental impacts and social justice issues surrounding North Carolina’s hog industries. In 2013, CCRW revived ARSI to carry on this mission while expanding to include several other concerns regarding environmental health and justice. These include working with fishing communities, researching and reducing plastic pollution, raising awareness and opposition to offshore drilling, and developing comprehensive water monitoring programs to be watchdogs of our waterways and engage in public education. We also address specific citizen concerns about our water and respond with necessary actions. With these added initiatives, the organization transformed to its current standing of CCRW.

In 2016, CCRW became the official license holder for Crystal Coast Waterkeeper. In 2017, we acquired the license for White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance. In unifying these two Waterkeeper Alliance programs under CCRW, we are dedicated to uplifting all members of our community to strengthen stewardship, education, and advocacy of our waterways while developing inclusive responses to environmental health hazards in our region.