CCRW has had an incredibly successful year dedicated to protecting the White Oak River Basin and we are thrilled to usher in 2024 with a host of exciting new projects! As a water quality nonprofit organization, CCRW is committed to preserving both the quality of water and the quality of life in coastal North Carolina. Our approach involves boots-on-the-ground monitoring, impactful outreach, and vigorous advocacy within our communities. We are a project-based organization that channels community concerns and staff observations to steer our water quality initiatives.

Among the exciting projects we have lined up for 2024 are the Lower New River Watershed Restoration Plan, identifying pollution sources within the New River and developing mitigation projects; Water Quality for Fisheries program, assessing surface water pollutants impacting commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishers; Pure Farms Pure Waters, addressing destructive pollution practices of industrial agriculture and advocating for environmental compliance; and our Adopt A Drain program, dedicated to empowering advocates in local communities through stormwater education, collection of scientific data, and promoting community collaboration.

We’re excited to share these initiatives with you and to continue our collective efforts in making a positive impact on our beautiful coastal ecosystems. Here’s to a year of progress, collaboration, and success!


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