Marine debris is a problem that continues to grow.  Our waterways and oceans are constantly polluted with a wide variety of marine debris ranging from polystyrene trays and plastic bags to derelict fishing equipment and abandoned boats.  

Marine life has been known to ingest marine debris or become entangled in marine debris, which may lead to injury, intestinal blockage, and death.  Marine debris is an Eastern North Carolina concern not only because of the threats to our native wildlife, our ecosystem, and our own health, but it also washes up on beaches and shorelines degrading the environment, and affecting our local economy and tourism. 

Local cooperation and regional partnerships are needed to create public awareness while developing ways to decrease the amount of debris going into the waterways as well as cleaning up the debris found in our waterways and on our shores.
We hope that this symposium will create local cooperation and regional partnership by providing a forum for the exchange of information on recent developments, program ideas, and best management practices for marine debris prevention, education, and removal.   

I am a proud eastern North Carolina native and with that pride comes responsibility to protect and preserve the coastal environment that we have the pleasure to call home.  Please consider joining me and the NCMDS group of agencies, organizations, and stakeholders in taking steps to restore and protect our community environment by partnering on opportunities that prevent and remove marine debris through regional and Statewide collaboration.”    – Lisa Rider, NCDMS Coordinator

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Questions can be directed to Coastal Carolina Riverwatch Executive Director and NCDMS Coordinator, Lisa Rider at