Coastal Carolina Riverwatch and other Waterkeepers Carolina organizations recently launched a two-year study to learn more about the volume of microplastic and microplastic pollution in North Carolina’s waterways. Plastics not only affect our environment, but also our public health. But you can help reduce the damage of plastics on our water by committing to reducing plastic use in your daily life this Earth Day. 


Here are 5 simple steps to take: 


  1. Use a reusable tote to carry groceries.
    One simple way to reduce plastic use is to commit to carrying reusable bags, available at most grocery stores. Up to one trillion plastic bags are used each year according to the EPA. We can reduce that number. Always forgetting to bring your bags? Keep them in your car to ensure you always have them at the store! 
  2. Instead of bottled water, use a reusable water bottle!
    You’ll reduce your plastic footprint AND save money. Bottled water is about 3000% more expensive than tap water by gallon!
  3. Buy products in paper packages instead of plastic.
    Cardboard is easier to recycle and biodegradable so when you have a choice, buy products like pasta or laundry detergent in paper packaging. 
  4. Store your food in glass containers.
    All of those plastic baggies and wraps you use to store leftovers add up, increasing the plastic pollution in our environment. Make the switch to glass containers for a more sustainable solution. 
  5. Switch to reusable straws.

We use an estimated 500 million plastic straws in America each day and that pollutes our waterways, harming the animals that live there. If you still need a straw, there are reusable metal alternatives that are easy to carry with you.

Start the path to reduce plastic use in your life today. North Carolina waters need our help.

One more way to help: Join our Water Warrior action List to stand with Waterkeepers Carolina as we call on elected leaders at the federal, state, and local level to protect our waterways: 

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