Water is under extreme threat from a growing population, increasing agriculture and industry demands, and worsening climate change impacts. Coastal Carolina Riverwatch and Waterkeepers Carolina highlight World Water Day – March 22, 2021 – to honor, celebrate and protect water. We are working to share the stories, thoughts, and feelings about water. Join the international movement – worldwaterday.org/.

Did you know that according to the EPA, climate change is expected to raise North Carolina’s temperature and rainfall levels? Increased rainfall may sound good for farmers and kayakers alike, but changes in weather patterns will not be good for our state. Our storms may become more severe and fierce, which could mean water travels downstream to the ocean before our watersheds can capture it for use. Preserving clean water now and making plans to conserve more is critical to our state’s green future

In our watershed, fresh and saltwater meet. Rivers flow into pristine estuaries teeming with biodiversity and creating wildlife nurseries. Rich wetlands filter pollutants and control flooding. Rolling beds of aquatic plant life act as carbon sinks. Like rain forests, these ecosystems are vital in mitigating climate change. Sound waters cradle our shorelines, creating some of the most productive fisheries around. All of these waters eventually flow into our precious oceans, without which we could not survive. We are thankful for our waterways and are proud to protect them for all. 

Now it’s your turn. Share how water has impacted your life. Share your story on our Facebook page .

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