Issues we work on:

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Plastic Pollution and Marine Debris

Seismic Blasting and Offshore Drilling

Stormwater Runoff

How we do it:

  • We work in cooperation with local communities, businesses, and government agencies to address potential water quality hazards and work towards resolutions.
  • We report violations to necessary authorities and hold both polluters and government agencies accountable in resolving the problem.
  • We actively engage polluters in resolution actions. We are prepared to take legal action to rid our state of pollution sources.
  • We use water sample results to offer scientific evidence validating pollution claims of impacted communities.
  • We use photos taken from land, water, and the air to document and submit pollution violations or arising problems.
  • We meet with government officials or make public comment on issues affecting our watersheds.
  • We coordinate demonstrations, rallies, and direct action when needed.
  • We investigate citizen concerns about water quality in our area and respond with all necessary actions.
  • We conduct this work with the highest degree of honesty, transparency, and integrity that our communities deserve.